Do you have a bucket to borrow us?


With the main idea of Community and the intention and will of getting the community
directly involved in this project, we decided to ask for something to the people around the intervention places (Praça da Batalha) like inhabitants or people in the stores.

During the workshop days, before we start to work in these practical projects, we were asked by the choreographer Emre to bring some object we liked for proposing some idea around it.
Jorge brought a Bucket, which was very suggestive and with which I identified myself with,
and so it started to appear an affinity group of two bucket addicted!! :)
But besides its appealing
shape of bright and plastic colours, the bucket has a strong significance, of a container that helps people gathering something to make easier their work and transportation.

An old and used bucket is an object that gathers in itself all the work and suggests all the hands that handled it with more or less will, with more or less strength, with more or less happiness, with more or less certainty, with more or less love...
An object that had different functions and that may also reflect all the emotions that people that handled it, brought to it.

To ask for a bucket to the people in the neighbourhood of Batalha, is also an excuse, for us to go to them and have the chance to speak an tell them about our project and see how they can or can´t be open to the participation, by simply borrowing us an old object of their daily use:
What is this for? Why do we need it? What is it that is going to
happen in the square? What project is this? What for is this? Who are we?

Everyone is invited to take part in this project, and yesterday the coloured buckets started to circulate around Batalha neighbourhood and here are some pictures of that simple and definitely not regular exchange of buckets for....what for??!!

Manuela São Simão


1 comentário:

formiguinha disse...

é verdade!
um balde é mesmo aquele objecto que podes emprestar pelo seu vazio, levá-lo pelo conteudo ou deixá-lo na sua espectativa...

gostei deste projecto, bem como outros teus que tenho acompanhado menos ou mais de perto, mas curiosa e atentamente...
em regra, deixo que o tempo traga para mais perto de mim, coisas importantes na devida altura... algumas delas que vou observando e apreendendo de longe pois existem varias distâncias a que te podes ir ligando a elas...

manuela, um beijinho grande e um balde cheio de força para este e todos os outros projectos que tens transportado;)

cristina ferro